We are driven to create a new locality — one of communal connection, technological innovation, and return on investment.

Real estate for
real people with
real returns.

Real estate for real people with real returns Spectra Holdings is a forward-looking full-service real estate development and investment firm focused on underrepresented projects for the underserved in growing markets.

We work to create opportunity, connection, and community through local housing, seniors housing, micro-units, fractional real estate and more, offered in the places people want to live.

We’re building your new favorite place.

Carefully curated real estate is a key component of strengthening communities.
We create localities that are grounded in a deep vein of diversity in age, race, income level, and professional backgrounds that reflect the demographics of the community.
Our communities are designed to support a joyful,
active lifestyle for residents of all ages and backgrounds, enticing involvement and investment
in the local neighborhood.
Our localities encourage sustainable practices through design and programming, offering residents the opportunity to build an enduring community.

There is a rampant housing crisis in the United States. Demand across all residential product types dramatically exceeds supply, and the development of new units since the great recession has fallen well short of prior decades.

The traditional approach to the development and redevelopment of residential housing is insufficient, particularly in markets with net positive migration. Using our Local Housing Lab, Spectra is charting a new course, delivering in-demand products focused on residents' and community needs to attractive markets to deliver returns for our investors.